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Talking Left Episode 2012-18

On this episode of Talking Left, we celebrated the new changes in Obamacare.  As of August 1st, 2012, women in this country finally got access to free cancer screening and other important well-woman care.

During the first hour, we spoke with special guest Susie Sampson, of The Tea Party Report.  She recently interviewed the great Cenk Uygur and did some great polling on the streets of Hollywood, California.  Be sure to check out all of Susie's great videos on YouTube and follow her on Twitter.

 Next, we caught up with our brilliant friend, Nicole Belle, of Crooks and Liars.  She shared her opinion on the important changes in woman's healthcare and how the Democrats should utilize the success in their messaging for the 2012 elections.

Last, but certainly not least, David Shuster of Take Action News joined us in studio.  David spoke with us about his exciting new show on We Act Radio and two of his great recent article.  Not only did David explain why the Left should be campaigning on the importance of the social safety net, but he showed his love of true journalism and transparency in politics with a story about the Newseum.  Please support his noble effort to return freedom of the press to the very museum designed to highlight is by signing and sharing his petition at



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